Collection: Zodiac Candles

Hand-Poured Zodiac Candles by Tranquil Aura | Australia

Embrace the calm illuminated by Tranquil Aura's Zodiac Candles collection. Our candles not only light up the room but also serve as a bridge connecting you to the universe through your star sign. Each candle is specifically crafted integrating the unique attributes of each zodiac sign. These celestial pieces aren’t just a source of light, but a medium to lend your personality a tangible form of calm and tranquillity.


Zodiac Candles with Crystals – Personal Power Stones of The Universe

Our zodiac candles with crystals offer a novel way to bring serenity into your life. Within each Zodiac candle, we painstakingly curate and embed crystals that correspond to the power stone of each zodiac sign. These unique stones magnify the positive energy specific to your star sign, bathing your space in a soothing aura that enhances clarity of mind and tranquillity of spirit.


Zodiac Candles Australia - A Local Luxury

Every one of our Zodiac Candles is handcrafted in Australia. These candles offer the perfect blend of homegrown craftsmanship and luxurious tranquillity. They embody the quintessential Australian ethos of celebrating individuality, repackaged as a tranquil experience that you can bask in, within your own space.


Enlighten Your Cosmic Journey with Tranquil Aura Zodiac Candles

Dive into a cosmos of tranquillity with our comprehensive Zodiac Candles collection. Deepen your connection with your star sign and let the tranquil aura of our celestial candles guide your cosmic journey. Bask in the soothing tranquillity radiating from each Zodiac Candle from Tranquil Aura.

Embrace the celestial calm today, shop now, and let our Zodiac Candles guide you along your path to jitter-free tranquillity!